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Renae’s MP3 player can be programmed to randomly play songs from her playlist without repeating a single song. Currently, Renae’s MP3 player has songs loaded on it, which are listed below. As she walks between class, she only has time to listen to one song.  

  1. Is each song equally likely to be chosen as the first song?


  2. What is the probability that her MP3 player will select a country song?

  3. What is the probability that Renae will listen to a song with “Mama” in the title?

  4. What is the probability she listens to a duet with Hank Tumbleweed?

  5. What is the probability she listens to a song that is not R & B?


  • I Love My Mama (country)
    by the Strings of Heaven

  • Don’t Call Me Mama (country)
    Duet by Sapphire and Hank Tumbleweed

  • Carefree and Blue (R & B)
    by Sapphire and Prism Escape

  • Go Back to Mama (Rock)
    Duet by Bjorn Free and Sapphire

  • Smashing Lollipops (Rock)
    by Sapphire