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For each of the geometric relationships represented below, write and solve an equation for the given variable. For parts (a) and (b), assume that is the center of the circle. Show all work.  

  1. A circle with center labeled C, 2 separate segments, from C to the circle, one labeled, 3, M, + 9, and, other labeled, 5, M, + 1.

    Since both are radii, .

  1. A circle, center labeled, C, with a central angle labeled, 3, X, minus 9 degrees, and an inscribed angle, labeled, X, + 4 degrees. Each angle intercepts the same arc.

    The measure of the central angle is twice the measure of the inscribed angle. So .

  1. A right triangle, labeled as follows: hypotenuse, P, horizontal leg, P, minus 2, vertical leg, 6.

    How are the sides of a right triangle related?

  1. A four sided polygon, with interior angles labeled as follows: 2, T + 9 degrees, 3, T, + 1 degrees, 8, T, minus 10 degrees, and 5, t.

    What is the total sum of the angles of this polygon?