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Determine whether or not the two triangles in each pair below are similar. If so, write a flowchart to show your reasoning. If not, explain why not.  

  1. Segments, A E, & B D, intersect at point C, additional segments from, A to B, & from, D to E, create 2 triangles labeled was follows: side, A B, 27, side, A C, 18, side, B C, 12, side, C E, 8, side, D E, 18, angles, b & e, each have 2 arcs.


     This flowchart has 3 bubbles. The top two bubbles have arrows pointing down, to bottom bubble.

  1. Segments, V Z, & W Y, intersect at point x, additional segments from, V to W, & from Y to Z, create 2 triangles labeled as follows: side, V W, 4 & 1 arrow, side, W X, 5, Side, V X, 6, side, Z Y, 3 & 1 arrow.