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Determine whether or not the two triangles in each pair below are similar. If so, write a flowchart to show your reasoning. If not, explain why not.  

  1. Triangle, A, B, C, is attached to triangle, D, E, C, at vertex point, c. Side, A C, is 18, side, A B, is 27, side, B C, is 12, Side, C E, is 8, and side, D E, is 18. Angle, B, and angle, E, are marked with two angle arcs.


     This flowchart has 3 bubbles. The top two bubbles have arrows pointing down, to bottom bubble.

  1. Triangle, V, X, W, is attached to triangle, Y, X, Z, at vertex point, X, with sides labeled as follows: V X, 6, side, V W, 4, and single arrow, X W, 5, Y Z, 3, and single arrow.