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Examine the Venn diagram at right. In which region should the figure below be placed? Show all work to justify your conclusion.  

2 overlapping circles, left, labeled "These shapes have an area, more than 15 square units", right labeled "These shapes have perimeter, more than 20 units". 4 regions labeled as follows: inside left circle, A, inside the overlapping region, B, inside right circle, C, and outside circles, D.

Trapezoid: dashed segment from top right vertex, perpendicular to longer, bottom base, creates right triangle, with right side of trapezoid, the hypotenuse, horizontal & vertical legs, each with 2 tick marks, left slanted side, labeled 4, top base labeled, 6, bottom left angle, 30 degrees.

Divide the trapezoid into portions and use special right triangles to help find side lengths.

The formula to find the area of a trapezoid is: 

If area and perimeter units, where should the figure be placed?