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Review what you know about polyhedra as you answer the questions below. Refer to the table in problem 11-4 if you need help.  

  1. Find the total surface area of a regular icosahedron if the area of each face is . Explain your method.

    How many sides does an icosahedron have?
    Use this to find the surface area.

  2. The total surface area of a regular dodecahedron is . What is the area of each face?

    Use the same method you used for part (a).

  3. A regular tetrahedron has an edge length of inches. What is its total surface area? Show all work.

    Find the area of one of the faces, and use that to find the total surface area.

    Triangle, each side labeled, 6, and bottom angles, each labeled, 60 degrees, with dashed segment from top vertex to middle of base.