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A square pyramid, with the bottom portion solid and shaded, and the top portion, outlined with dashed lines. Bottom base sides, labeled, 9 cm. Square at base of dashed pyramid top, has side labeled 3 cm.The solid at right is an example of a truncated pyramid. It is formed by slicing and removing the top of a pyramid so that the slice is parallel to the base of the pyramid. If the original height of the square-based pyramid at right was cm, find the volume of this truncated pyramid. (Hint: You may find your results from problem 11‑86 useful.)  

Find the volume of the large pyramid.

The side of the small pyramid is  the side of the large pyramid, because  is  of 

So, the lsf is .

Find the volume of the small pyramid.

Subtract the volume of the smaller pyramid from the volume of the larger pyramid.