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Flo thinks she may be able to increase sales if she makes a big show of flipping pancakes at her diner. But flipping pancakes high in the air takes a lot of practice!  

  1. After flipping pancakes, only landed correctly on the grill. What is the probability (expressed in percent) of Flo correctly flipping a pancake?

  2. Flo needs pancakes for a large hungry group that just arrived. How many pancakes should she attempt to flip so that flip correctly?

    Set up a proportion using your answer to part (a).

    She needs to attempt about pancakes.

  3. A customer orders a side of “Flo’s grab bag of flapjacks” in which a customer gets one randomly chosen pancake. Flo has prepared a pan of sourdough pancakes and buttermilk pancakes. How many banana pancakes should Flo add to the pan if she wants the probability of randomly grabbing one banana pancake to be ?

    How many pancakes does she have total? How many does she need to achieve a ratio of ?