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Two increasing parallel lines are cut by two decreasing transversals. About the point of intersection of the bottom parallel line and the left transversal, the interior right angle is 74 degrees.Examine the diagram at right. Based on the information in the diagram, which angles can you determine? Copy the diagram on your paper and find only those angles that you can justify.  

Refer to the Math Notes box in Lesson 2.1.4 or problem 2-41.

The symbols on two of the lines indicate that those lines are parallel.

The angles marked in the diagram below are vertical angles, therefore they are congruent.

Two horizontal parallel lines, are cut by two increasing transversal lines, that intersect below the bottom parallel. At the intersection of the top parallel & left transversal, The interior right angle is 110 degrees. At the intersection of the bottom parallel & right transversal, The exterior right angle is 140 degrees. at the intersection of the 2 transversals, the angle that is right of left transversal, & left of right transversal, is x.

The value of can be found because it is supplementary with both angles.

You can also determine the values of angles through since they correspond to the angles you have already determined.