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Solve for the missing lengths in the sets of similar figures below.  

  1. Triangle A, B, C, where side B, C, is, 4 and side A, C, is, 6.

    Triangle O, P, Q,  where side Q, O, is, f, and side P, Q, is, 6.

  2. Shape E, F, G, H, I , where side E, F is, 24 and side G, H is, small letter g.

    Shape S, T, U, V, W,  where side S, T, is 20 and side U, V, is 15.

  3. Rectangle J, K, L, M,  where side M, J is 7 and side M, L is 3.

    Rectangle W, X, Y, Z, where side Z, W is, h, and side Z, Y, is 10.

    Use the same method you used to solve parts (a) and (b).