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Decide if each pair of triangles below is similar. If the triangles are similar, justify your conclusion by stating the similarity condition you used. Also describe a possible sequence of transformations that would carry one onto the other. If the triangles are not similar, explain how you know. Homework Help ✎

  1. 3-54a Triangles

    If two of the corresponding angles are congruent, what do you know about the third pair of angles?

  1. 3-54b Equilateral Triangles
    Equilateral Triangles

    What are the angle measures of an equilateral triangle?

    Triangles are similar by since all angle measures are . The triangle on the right could be transformed into the triangle on the left by translation and dilation.

  1. 3-54c Triangles

    Write a ratio for each pair of corresponding sides.

  1. 3-54d Triangles

    Find the measures of the unmarked angles.