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Assume that each pair of figures below is similar. Write a similarity statement to illustrate which parts of each shape correspond. Remember: letter order is important!  

  1. Two trapezoids: E, L, O, V and A, B, C, D, sides placed as follows: Sides, E V, & A B, are slanted, sides, E L, & A D, are the longest in each, side, E L, appears parallel to side, V O, & side, A D, appears parallel to, B C, Angles at vertices, D C L & O, appear to be right, Angles at vertices, V & B, are obtuse, Angles at vertices, A & E are acute.

    Which parts of these similar shapes relate to each other?

  1. Two 5-sides figures, I, G, H, T, R and F, E, S, L, A. Side R, I and side E, S have one tick mark each. Side H, G and A, L have two tick marks each.

    Use the same method as you did for part (a).

  1. _____  _____      Two triangles O, G, D and T, C, A, labeled as follows: sides, D G, & T A, 1 tick mark, angles, D & A, 1 arc, angles, G & T, 2 arcs.

    Name the first triangle in any order. Then determine the order in which the second triangle should be named.