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Assume that each pair of shapes below is similar. Describe a sequence of transformations that can show this. Remember that there can be more than one way.  

Try reflection, translation, rotation, and dilation.

  1. Two triangles, left triangle tilted up & left, bottom side, has 1 tick mark, left side, 2 tick marks, right side, 3 tick marks. Right triangle, tilted right & slightly up, with left side, 1 tick mark, bottom side, 2 tick marks, top side, 3 tick marks.

    Reflection, rotation, and translation.

  1. Two kites, left kite, vertical, top left & right sides, each with 1 tick mark, bottom left & right sides, each with 2 tick marks. Right kite, tilted to the right, top & right sides, 1 tick mark, left & bottom sides, 2 tick marks.

    Rotation and translation.

  1. Two circles. The circle on the left has a radius of 5 with a smaller circle left & up, & another circle, right & down, from the center. The larger circle on the right has a radius of 10, with a smaller circle above, & another circle, below, the center.

  1. Two triangles. The larger triangle, on the left, is pointed upward, with sides labeled, bottom, 6, right, 8, left, 10. The smaller triangle, on the right, is pointed downward, with sides labeled, top, 3, right, 4, left, 5.

Note: There are many possible answers. If your answer uses a different sequence of transformations, it may still be correct.