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You help out at the bowling alley on weekends. One of the arcade games has a bin filled with stuffed animals. A robotic arm randomly grabs a stuffed animal as a prize for the player. You are in charge of filling the bin.  

  1. You are told that the probability of getting a stuffed giraffe today is . If there are giraffes in the bin, what is the total number of stuffed animals in the bin?

    If total stuffed animals

  2. The next weekend, you arrive to find the bin contains unicorns, gorillas,  striped fish, and elephants. A shipment of stuffed whales arrives. What is the probability of getting a sea animal (whale or fish) if you add whales to the bin? Express the probability as a percent.

    To convert the probability from a fraction to a percent, convert the fraction into a fraction with a denominator of .

  3. You are told that the probability of selecting a stuffed alligator needs to be . One weekend you arrive to find there are exactly alligators left. How many total animals should be in the bin to maintain the probability of for an alligator?

    If  total stuffed animals