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Joan and Jim are planning a dinner menu including a main dish and dessert. They have main dish choices (steak, vegetable-cheese casserole, turkey burgers, and vegetarian lasagna) and dessert choices (chocolate brownies, strawberry ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies).  

  1. Joan and Jim would like to know how many different dinner menus they have to choose from. One way to make sure you have considered the entire sample space – all the possible menu outcomes – is to make a table like the one at right. How many different menus are there?


    vegetable casserole

    turkey burgers

    vegetable lasagna






    ice cream





    chocolate chip





    Each line represents one unique dinner menu.

    Steak with Brownies
    Steak with Ice Cream
    Steak with Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Tuna Casserole with Brownies
    Tuna Casserole with Ice Cream
    Tuna Casserole with Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Turkey Burgers with Brownies
    Turkey Burgers with Ice Cream
    Turkey Burgers with Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Lasagna with Brownies
    Lasagna with Ice Cream
    Lasagna with Chocolate Chips Cookies


  2. Assume the main dish choice and the dessert choice are both chosen randomly. Are all the menus equally likely?

  3. What is the probability they pick a menu without meat? What is the probability they pick a menu with chocolate?