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Copy the diagram below onto your paper. Homework Help ✎

  1. Find the measures of all the angles in the diagram.

    Isosceles triangles have two congruent base angles.

    Vertical angles are congruent. So .

  2. Make a flowchart showing that the triangles are similar.

    As long as you have a minimum of two pairs of congruent angles you can prove the triangles similar by using .

  3. Cheri and Roberta noticed their similarity statements for part (b) were not the same. Cheri had stated , while Roberta maintained that . Who is correct? Or are they both correct? Explain your reasoning.

    Cheri's similarity statement says the second triangle is a reflection and dilation of the first, while Roberta's statement says it is a rotation and dilation of the original triangle. Who is correct?