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Find the area and perimeter of at right. Give approximate (decimal) answers, not exact answers.  

Separate into two separate triangles by dropping the height from vertex .
Label the new point , creating and .

Label the point where the line segment, 4, intersects side, A, C, as D. Divide the figure into two separate triangles, A, B, D, & B, C, D.

Both of the triangles that have been created are special right triangles, because the height creates two right triangles: a triangle and a triangle.

The side opposite the 45º in a  triangle is the the length of the leg times .
In a  triangle, the side opposite the  is half the hypotenuse and the side opposite the  is half the hypotenuse times .

Triangle A, B, C. Angle A is 45 degrees and angle C is 30 degrees. Two internal triangles are created by a line segment of 4 drawn from the upper vertex perpendicular to the base.