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Triangle, A B C, side, A C, horizontal  & marked with 2 arrows, dashed horizontal line through vertex, B, also marked with 2 arrows, Dashed segment from vertex, A, perpendicular to horizontal line, labeled 3.6, dashed segment from vertex A to point labeled, E, on side, B C, segment labeled 3, segment, B E, labeled 2, segment, E C, labeled 4.Penelope measured several sides and heights of , as shown in the diagram at right. Find the area of twice, using two different methods.  

Remember: a base and a height must be perpendicular!
Which side can be used as a base? As the height?

One method could be to use  as the base and  as the height.

Use another side as a base. But why is using  as the base a bad idea? 

Use  as the base.