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Examine the diagram at right. Based on the information below, what statement can you make about the relationships between the lines? Be sure to justify each conclusion. Remember: each part below is a separate problem.

A transversal line, N, cuts two non-parallel lines, L, and, M. About the point of intersection, of N and L, are angles, starting at top left going clockwise, labeled as follows: R, Z, Q, and P. About the point of intersection, of N and M, are angles starting at the top left going clockwise, and labeled as follows: G, H, K, W.

  1. When do alternate interior angles have equal measures?

    If , then and are parallel.

  1. If two angles which form a straight angle are equal, what must their measures be?

    is perpendicular to because and are both .

  1. Under what circumstances are vertical angles equal?

  1. Is there anything special about angles that add up to ?