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Copy the table below on your paper and complete it for the equation . Then graph and connect the points on graph paper. Name the roots (-intercepts).  

For ,

Now solve for in terms of the other values that have been given in the above table.

Make a graph by plotting the points from the table you have completed.

A parabola with points at (negative 4, comma 5), (0, comma negative 3), (negative 2, comma 3), (negative 1, comma 4), (0, comma negative 3), (0, comma 1), and (1, comma 5).

Does yours look like the graph above?

Look for the two points of the parabola that touch the -axis in order to find the -intercepts.

Use the eTool below to complete the table and view the graph.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: 7-38 HW eTool