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For each diagram below, solve for . Show all work.  

  1. A triangle that has two equal sides with a 52 degree angle between. One of the base angles is labeled x.

    If the sides are equal, what does that mean about the angle measures?

  1. Two adjacent angles together form a line. The angle on the left is, 4 x minus 3 degrees. The angle on the right is, 3 x, + 1 degrees.

    What is the measure of a straight angle?
    How does this help you find ?

  1. A triangle with two sides 8 and x.  The angle opposite side, x, is 77 degrees. The angle opposite the unknown side is 31 degrees.

    Use the Law of Sines to solve for .

  1. Increasing transversal line, crosses two horizontal parallel lines. At the upper intersection: exterior left angle is 5 x + 6 degrees, exterior right is blank.  At the lower intersection exterior right angle is 2 x + 21 degrees .

    How are these angles related?