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Triangle F, I, J, with a line segment G, H inside which looks parallel to side I, J. Side F, G and side G, I are each marked with one tick mark. Side F, H and side H, J, are each marked with two tick marks.Examine the diagram at right.  

  1. Are the triangles in this diagram similar? If they are, use a flowchart with justifications or a two-column proof to prove similarity. If they are not similar, explain why not. Explain.

    Do the marks help prove they are similar? If so, how? What makes these triangles similar? Are there any angles that are congruent?

    Yes, by because Segment is proportional to segment , , and segment is proportional to segment .

  2. Name all the pairs of congruent angles in this diagram you can.

    Look at the triangles, what angles are corresponding to each other?

  3. Are and  parallel? Explain how you know.

    How can knowing sets of congruent angles, help you prove the sides are parallel?

    Yes they are parallel, because corresponding angles are congruent.

  4. If and , find . Then find the length of .

    How are the lengths of  and  related? How will this help you solve for ?