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The arc at right is called a quarter circle because it is one fourth of a circle.  

Image of a quarter circle

  1. Figure A is an enclosed figure composed of arcs. The top left and right is the top left and right of a circle.  The bottom left is the top, right of a circle, and the bottom, right , is the top left of a circle. The diameter is 14.Copy Region A below onto your paper. If this region is formed using quarter circles, can you find another shape that must have the same area as Region A? Justify your conclusion.

  2. Find the area of Region A. Show all work.

    What is the radius of the given quarter circle?

Use the eTool below to rearrange the shape to help more easily find the area.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: 8-34 HW eTool