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A right triangle with a leg, x, and a hypotenuse, 7. An angle 58.5 degrees is opposite the unknown leg.Krista is trying to solve for in the triangle at right.  

  1. What equation would Krista write?

    With the given angle of , is the adjacent side and is the hypotenuse.
    Which trigonometry ratio should you use?

  2. Krista does not have a calculator, but she remembered something funny her friend Juanisha told her. Juanisha’s favorite sine ratio is sin because 5/22 is Juanisha’s birthday! Without a calculator, use Juanisha’s favorite ratio to solve your equation from part (a).

    Remember the sine of one acute angle in a right triangle equals the cosine of the other acute angle.
    Find the measure of the missing angle in the triangle, then use sine ratio.