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2 decreasing parallel lines are cut by 1 increasing & 1 decreasing transversal, where transversals intersect to the left, angle on the right is b, where left parallel & increasing line meet, exterior bottom is a, where right parallel & increasing line meet, interior bottom is 97 degrees, where decreasing line & right parallel meet, interior top is c, where decreasing line & left parallel meet, exterior bottom is 112 degrees, & interior bottom is d.Examine the relationships that exist in the diagram below. Find the measures of angles and . Remember that you can find the angles in any order, depending on the angle relationships you use.  

Refer to the Math Notes box from Lesson 2.1.4 for extra help.

Use the angles that you know to find the measures of those you do not know.
Use things like corresponding angles, linear pairs, alternate interior angles and the triangle sum theorem.