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For each geometric relationship represented below, write and solve an equation for . Show all work.  

  1. A polygon with 5 sides. It has angles of 2 x, and 4 x minus 3, and 7 x minus 6, and 3 x + 12,  finally, x + 10 degrees.

What is the sum of the interior angles of a pentagon?
How can you use this to find ?

, because

  1. Decreasing Transversal line, crosses 2 increasing parallel lines. At the intersection of the top parallel line and the transversal, bottom, left is 4 x + 20 degrees. At the intersection of, the bottom parallel line and the transversal, bottom right is 5, x minus 2 degrees.

What is the relationship between these two angles?
Is there an angle that both have a geometric relationship to?