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Compute the volume of the right prism at right.  

A prism in centimeters where the base is as follows: Draw down, 6, then right, 10, up 3, left 4, up 3, left 6 to enclose the base.  The height of the prism is, 5 centimeters.

Split the prism into smaller, more manageable prisms.
2 rectangular prisms, each have the same length, left has larger base area.

Fill in the known lengths and solve for the unknown lengths.
Labels added: to The prism on the left, left side of base is 6, & length is 5. The prism on the right, right side of base is 3, top side is 4 & length is 5.

The missing edge of the larger prism is found by taking

Label added to the prism on the left, bottom side of base is 6.

Solve for the volume of each of the smaller prisms.
How do these two volumes relate to the volume of the larger prism?