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Examine the information provided in each diagram below. Decide if each figure is possible or not. If the figure is not possible, explain why.  

  1. A triangle has two angles 64 degrees and 56 degrees. The exterior angle of the third interior angle is 120 degrees.

    What angle measure is supplementary to ?
    Would this also satisfy the Triangle Angle Sum Theorem?

  1. A quadrilateral with two parallel horizontal sides has a lower left angle of 117 degrees and an upper left angle 62 degrees.

    How are the same-side interior angles in a parallelogram related?

  1. 2 line segments intersect, segments across the left & right ends, create 2 triangles, on left triangle, bottom left angle is 54 degrees & top left angle is 72 degrees, on right triangle, top right angle is 54 degrees, bottom right angle is 71 degrees.

    Are the vertical angles equal?