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The floor plan of Marina’s local drugstore is shown at right. While shopping one day, Marina tied her dog, Mutt, to the building at point . If Mutt’s leash is meters long, what is the area that Mutt can roam? Draw a diagram and show all work.  

A quadrilateral O, D, I, F where side O, D and side F, I are parallel. Side O, D is 20 meters. Side F, I is 14 meters.  Side O, F is 18 meters.  Angle F, is 120 degrees.

. Since , the .

Mutt is at point F, but outside the building. He has the area of a circle, radius of 4 meters,  minus the 120 degree sector within the building.

The area Mutt can roam =
(fraction of circle Mutt can roam)(area of entire circle)

Area Mutt can roam