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Examine the graph of functions and at right. Use the graph to approximate the values below (if possible).

A 4 quadrant coordinate plane with 2 functions graphed. Function f of x goes starts with a closed circle at the point (negative 2, comma 1) rises to the point (0, comma 3), falls and goes through the point (2, comma 1) and ends with a closed circle on the point (4, comma negative 1). Function g of x is an increasing line going through the points (negative 2, comma negative 1), (0, comma 0), (2, comma 1) and (4, comma 2).

  1. When x is 0 in the relation f(x), what is y?

    f(0) = 3

  1. When x is 4 in the relation g(x), what is y?

    g(4) = 2

  1. See the hint for part (a).

  1. See the hint for part (b).

  1. See the hint for part (b).

  1. Is there a y-value for f(x) when x is 5?

  1. For what x value are the two functions equal?