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First quadrant, x axis labeled time in minutes, scaled in tens from 0 to 30, y axis labeled heart rate in beats per minute, scaled in twenties from 0 to 180, vertical dashed line at, x = 25, & curve with the following approximate points: starting at (0, comma 85), changing from opening up to opening down @, (15, comma 120), turning down @ (22, comma 170), continuing down & right.Sharilyn likes to exercise. When she goes to the gym she lifts weights and then does her cardio workout. To monitor the cardio part of her workout, Sharilyn uses a heart rate monitor. The graph to the right shows Sharilyn’s heart rate while she was on the treadmill.  

  1. Approximately how many times did Sharilyn’s heart beat during her -minute workout?

    Approximate the area under the curve using a trapezoid.

  2. What was Sharilyn’s approximate average heart rate during her -minute workout?

    Divide your answer in part (a) by minutes.