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Identify the domain and range of each of the functions below. Then write a possible piecewise-defined function for each graph.

  1. Piecewise graph, left piece, segment between open points at (negative 1, comma 1), & (1, comma negative 2), right piece, segment between closed points at (1, comma negative 1), & (2, comma 2).

    Domain is the set of values that x can be, while range is the set of values that can be.

    Regarding the piecewise function:
    Each piece has its own domain; be careful about open or closed intervals. Notice that both pieces are linear.

  1. Piecewise graph, left piece, decreasing curve opening down, starting at open point (negative 1, comma 2), continuing up & left, right piece, decreasing curve opening up, coming from infinity, right of y axis, passing through the point (1, comma 1), continuing to right, above x axis.

    Notice that this graph has both a vertical and a horizontal asymptote, which may affect the domainand range respectively.

    Regarding the piecewise function:

    Note that there is a gap between the two functions. So the boundary point on the left will be different from the boundary point on the right