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The manager of Books-To-Go knows that the rate of daily sales (in books per day) varies over the course of a week. This rate can be represented by the step function shown in the graph below. Using this data, calculate how many books this store sold during this week. What is the average number of books sold per day?

First quadrant, x axis with 7 tick marks & spaces labeled from left to right: m, t, w, TH, F, Sat, Sun, y axis labeled rate of sales, books per day, with 5 horizontal segments, each end point on left is opened & right is closed, first is at y = 300, from y axis to second tick mark, second at y = 200, between second & third tick marks, third at y = 600, between third & fourth tick marks, fourth at y = 900, between fourth & sixth tick marks, last at y = 700, between sixth & seventh tick marks.

How is the number of books sold represented geometrically on this rate graph?