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The graph at right shows the distance a bicyclist travels from Oshkosh to a town miles away.

  1. Describe the velocity of the bicyclist.

    The velocity is the slope of a distance graph.

    The velocity is always positive. The bicyclist accelerates between and and then decelerates between and . S/he is moving fastest at .

  2. What is the bicyclist’s average velocity?

    Average velocity between  and 

  3. Approximate the bicyclist’s instantaneous velocity at hours.

    IROC at a point slope of the tangent line at that point.

First quadrant, x axis labeled, time, hours, y axis labeled distance, miles, increasing curve starting at the origin, increasing more rapidly, changing from opening up to opening down at the point (5, comma 50), increasing more slowly, stopping at the point (10, comma 100).