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The annual cycle of daily high temperatures in Cabanaville is shown in the graph below from January 1st to December 31st. The -axis is marked in months and the -axis represents temperature in .

First quadrant, x axis with 12 tick marks, periodic curve starting on the y axis at y = 50, with 2 visible turning points at the first tick at y = 40, & at the seventh tick mark at y = 100.

  1. Approximately when is Cabanaville at its hottest? The coldest? How can you tell?

    This is a temperature graph. Change in temperature is a rate. How is rate shown on a temperature graph? How about the 'fastest' rate?

  2. When is the temperature changing the fastest? What is the name for this type point on
    the graph?

    This is a temperature graph. During what month was temperature the highest?