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Marisol has more questions about her spitwad from problem 5-1.

  1. How high is the spitwad after half a second? How fast is it traveling at that instant?

    Use the equation, , that you found in problem 5-1 to find the height of the spitwad after seconds.

    'How fast' could refer to velocity or speed. Be sure that you are clear in your answer.

  2. When is the spitwad feet high? What is its velocity at those times?

  3. As the spitwad is falling back toward Marisol, does it ever fall at a rate of ft/sec? If so, when?

  4. How long does the spitwad take to reach its highest point? How high does it go? Determine your answer both graphically and analytically.

    The spitwad will be at its highest point at the moment when its velocity changes from positive to negative.