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Eddie is standing on third base, watching in amazement as Yuliana tries to steal second base. If Yuliana runs at ft/sec, how fast is her distance from Eddie changing when she is feet from first base?

Notice the right triangle.
Let   Yuliana's distance from ____________ base.
Find the remaining two sides of the triangle, in terms of .

Things that change (or describe change) should be 'plugged in' to the derivative equation, not the original equation .
This includes Yuliana's running rate and her position from 1st base at the moment in question.

Is Yuliana's rate positive or negative?

The distance between Yuliana and Eddie is changing at a rate of ft/sec when Yulanda was feet from 1st base.

Tilted Square, vertex on bottom, right vertex labeled first base, point on top right side labeled Yuliana, with arrow pointing towards top vertex, left vertex labeled Eddie, top left side labeled 90 feet, dashed segment between left vertex and right side midpoint