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  1. After Theo used the motion detector, he used his distance-time graph to determine the following properties of his motion. However, he has lost a copy of his graph. Help him re-create a possible graph of his motion. Homework Help ✎


    • His average velocity was 0.5 feet per second.

    • He turned around twice.

    • He started while standing 3 feet from the motion detector and began to walk away from it at t = 0.

    • He walked a total of 9 feet during the 10-second interval.

Clue 1: The slope from the first point to the last point should be 0.5, since that was the average velocity.

Clue 2: The graph's slope should change its positivity/negativity twice, because Theo turned around twice.

Clue 3: The first point should be (0,3) because he started 3 feet away from the motion detector.

Clue 4: Your graph should consist of straight line segments, so that you can measure their length using the Pythagorean Theorem to make sure they total 9 feet.