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  1. A mug of hot coffee is poured and then set on the counter. Homework Help ✎

    1. Sketch a feasible graph showing the temperature of the coffee as a function of time. Do not worry about units, just show the general behavior of the graph.

    2. Evaluate the following limit and translate the entire limit statement into a complete sentence.

As the coffee cools, temperature will drop...
But will it approach a constant temperature (a horizontal asymptote)?
Or will it drop without bound (such that as x → ∞, °F → − ∞)?

If you sketched a horizontal asymptote, then the limit should approach a constant value.
What does that horizontal asymptote represent? (use words)

If your sketch shows the temperature → −∞, then the limit does not exist, but approaches −∞.
What does that represent? (use words)