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Examine these scenarios and pay attention to the units.

  1. While walking to school, Jaime's distance from home (in miles) was , where t is measured in hours. Sketch a graph of his distance. If it took Jaime minutes to walk to school, what was his average velocity? Explain how you got your solution.

    This is a distance graph. Time, , should be on the -axis. (It usually is!) And distance, , should be on the -axis. Sketch the graph of .

    Note that this is the slope of the secant line that connects the points at and .

  2. While walking home, Jaime walked so that his velocity (in miles per hour) was , where is measured in hours. How long did it take him to get home?

    Sketch a velocity graph of . Time, , will be on the -axis. Velocity, , will be on the -axis. How can distance information be found on a velocity graph?