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  1. Examine these scenarios and pay attention to the units. Homework Help ✎

    1. While walking to school, Jaime's distance from home (in miles) was s(t) = 3t2 , where t is measured in hours. Sketch a graph of his distance. If it took Jaime 30 minutes to walk to school, what was his average velocity? Explain how you got your solution.

    2. While walking home, Jaime walked so that his velocity (in miles per hour) was v(t) = −2t, where t is measured in hours. How long did it take him to get home?

This is a distance graph. Time, t, should be on the x-axis. (It usually is!) And distance, s(t), should be on the y-axis. Sketch the graph of s(t) = 3t².

Note that this is the slope of the secant line that connects the points at t = 0 and t = 5.

Sketch a velocity graph of v(t) = −2t. Time, t, will be on the x-axis. Velocity, v(t), will be on the y-axis. How can distance information be found on a velocity graph?