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Start by visualizing the terms in Khi's equation: What does Volume A and Volume C look like? What does Volume (B + C) look like?

Volume A is cone with radius 4. Volume C is a cylinder with radius 2. Each is a separate 3D solid whose volumes are added together after they are computed: V = [cone with r = 4] + [cylinder with r = 2]

Try computing the volume of each:

Volume A + Volume C = cone + cylinder

Volume (B + C) = BigCone − SmallCone

Evaluate and compare.

Volume (B + C) is a single 3D solid that looks like a cone with its top cut off. To compute its volume, it must be dissected into pieces:
V = [large cone with r = 6] − [small cone with r = 2]

Use the eTool below to visualize this problem.
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