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  1. Set up an integral and compute the area of the enclosed regions below. You may use your graphing calculator. Homework Help ✎

    1. The area between y = sin x and y = (x − 1)4 − 1.

    2. The area between y = x(x − 3) and .

Find the bounds by computing the x-values of the points of intersection between the two functions.
sinx = (x −1)4 −1
a = 0, b = 2.163 (using a calculator)

Determine which is the upper function (the one with higher y-values) and which is the lower function (the one with lower y-values). If you are using a calculator: look at the graph. If not: Evaluate a point in between the bounds to see which function has the higher y-values.

Refer to hints in part (a).