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  1. Let f(x) = x3, g(x) = 6x − 1, and h(x) = sin x. Match each function in the left column of the table with its expression in the right column. Homework Help ✎

  2. a. f ′(x)

    A. 3(6x − 1)2

    b. g ′(x)

    B. 6

    c. h ′(x)

    C. 3sin2 x

    d. f ′(g(x))

    D. cos(x3)

    e. g ′(f(x))

    E. 3x2

    f. f ′(h(x))

    F. 1

    g. h ′(f(x))

    G. cos x

Before matching, find f '(x), g'(x), and h'(x).