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  2. Wei Kit sure loves exponents! He's decided to rewrite all the numbers around him so that they have an exponent. For example, instead of writing the number 2, he writes:

  3. He insists he can also write the number 2 as and ! Homework Help ✎

    1. Explain why Wei Kit's expressions all equal 2.

    2. Use Wei Kit's method to rewrite the number 9 in two different ways.

    3. Simplify this expression:

    4. How could Wei Kit rewrite 2x so that it has a base of 7?

Consider 3log3x

First consider just the exponent: It can be translated as '3 to the power of something that makes 3 become x.'
Now consider the entire expression: 3 is being raised to that 'something' that makes 3 become x...
Consequently, the expression = x.

One way: 9 = 3log39
Find another way.

Refer to previous hints.

One way: 7 = 7??????