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  1. A calculator company found that the cost of producing x graphing calculators per day is C(x) = 5x + e0.02x . (This ignores the original research and development cost, which is quite large.) Homework Help ✎

    1. If each calculator is priced at $90, find a daily revenue function, R(x), which calculates the income for x calculators sold.

    2. Find the profit function, P(x), which calculates the profit per day when x calculators are produced and each later sold for $90.

    3. Find the daily production that will maximize the profit.

    4. What is the maximum daily profit?

R(x) = 90x

Profit is the difference between revenue and cost of product.

Optimize your profit function. We are looking for an x-value.

Find the P(x) value that corresponds to your answer in part (c).