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Mr. McGee is the manager of the washer and dryer department of an appliance store. He wants to estimate the probability that a customer who comes to his department will buy a washer or dryer. He collected the following data during one week: 177 customers came to his department, 88 purchased washers, 64 purchased dryers, and 69 did not make a purchase. Homework Help ✎

  1. Make a two-way table. Using Mr. McGee’s data, what is the probability that the next customer who comes to his department will purchase a washer or a dryer?


    did not purchase 

    purchased dryer


    did not purchase dryer




    61%. Make sure you know how to calculate this from your two-way table.

  2. Mr. McGee promises his sales people a bonus if they can increase the probability that the customers who buy washers also buy dryers. What is the probability that if a customer bought a washer, he or she also bought a dryer?

    How many people purchased washers?
    Of those who purchased washers, how many bought dryers?