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  1. On a recent bird-watching expedition, Eriq and Salle saw several different kinds of waterfowl. They saw grebes (G), ducks (D), cormorants (C), geese (E), and spoonbills (S). They saw some of the birds at the beach (B), some at the lake (L), and some in a field (F). Write an expression to represent each of the following pieces of information. Homework Help ✎

    1. The total number of birds that they saw.

    2. The percentage of birds that they saw at the lake.

    3. The fraction of birds that were geese or ducks.

The variables G, D, C, E, and S represent the number of these types of birds.

Total Number of Birds: G + D + C + E + S
B + L + F

L represents the number of Birds they saw at the Lake.
B + L + F represents the total number of birds they saw.
To find a percentage, divide the target number by the total possible.