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  1. Assume that a a DVD player loses 60% of its value every year it is in a video store. Suppose the initial value of the DVD player was $80. 8-60 HW eTool (Desmos). Homework Help ✎

    1. What multiplier would you use to calculate the DVD player’s new values?

    2. What is the value of the DVD player after one year? After four years?

    3. Write a continuous function, V(t), to model the value of a DVD player after t years.

    4. When does the DVD player have no value?

    5. Sketch a graph of this function. Be sure to scale and label the axes.

100% − 60% (1.00 − 0.60)

Use your multiplier from part (a) to calculate these values.

V(t) = 80(0.4)t

Let V(t) = 0 in the equation in part (c).
Solve for t. What happens?

Use the eTool below to help answer part (e) of the problem.
Click the link at the right to view full version of the eTool:Int1 8-60 HW eTool.