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In the each of the figures below, decide if the two triangles listed are congruent. If they are congruent, create a flowchart justifying your conclusion. If they are not congruent, explain why not.

  1. Is ?
    Segments A,D, & B,E, intersect at C, with segments from A, to B, & from D, to E, creating 2 triangles with a common vertex, labeled as follows: Side, A,B, 1 tick mark, side, B,C, 2 tick marks, angle B,C,A, 1 tick mark, angle D,C,E, 1 tick mark, side, C,D, 2 tick marks, side D,E, 1 tick mark.

    Review the Math Notes box in section 7.1.7

    These triangles have two pairs of congruent sides, and one pair of non-included angles.
    Is there an congruent conditions?

  1. Is ?
    Line segment A,E, contains points D, & b. Segments B,C, & D,F, intersect at g. Segments A,C, & F,E, are each perpendicular to A,e. Segments create 3 triangles: right triangles, A,B,C, & D,E,F, & triangle D,B,g. Angles, c, & f, each labeled with 1 tick mark.

                      ΔDGB is isosceles.

Review the Math Notes box in section 7.1.7.
Which congruence conditions have no congruent sides in them?