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Zaheed enjoys walking his dog, Basil, each afternoon. Zaheed typically walks blocks around the neighborhood, which takes about 45 minutes. Today, on his walk around the neighborhood with Basil, Zaheed noted that Basil barked at other dogs. Zaheed wonders if he can predict how many dogs Basil will bark at tomorrow on the way to the dog park, which is blocks away.

  1. What assumptions would Zaheed have to make in order to use a proportional equation to make his prediction?

    Zaheed is not walking his typical route. He is going to the dog park.
    Do you think he will be on the same roads? Will he see the same dogs?

  2. Write a proportional equation for Zaheed’s situation and solve. Make sure that the precision of your answer is reasonable.

    A proportion is two equal fractions. Be sure to include units.

    Approximately dogs.

  3. What is the unit rate in dogs per block for Zaheed’s walks?