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Ms. Hoang’s class conducted an experiment by rolling a marble down different lengths of slanted boards and timing how long it took. The results are shown at right. Describe the association. Refer to the Math Notes box in this lesson if you need help remembering how to describe an association.

Taken from the Lesson 2.2.1 Math Notes box:
An association (relationship) between two numerical variables can be described by its form, direction, strength, and outliers.
The shape of the pattern is called the form of the association: linear or nonlinear.
The form can be made of clusters of data.
If one variable increases as the other variable increases, the direction is said to be a positive association. If one variable increases as the other variable decreases, there is said to be a negative association. If there is no apparent pattern in the scatterplot, then the variables have no association.

A very strong positive nonlinear association with no apparent outliers.

Your teacher will provide you with a model of the graph.